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    Fast, efficient, Avant loaders and their huge range of attachments are a versatile alternative to compact tractors. The six model ranges and over 150 different attachments go places larger machines cannot access and are the best solution for the best work.

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    BELAIR is a French manufacturer who develop tools for the distribution of silage to your cattle as combination of silage cutter, distribution wagon, vertical feed mixer, horizontal feed mixer, self-propelled feed mixer,...   .

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    CLAAS is a worldwide leader in the agricultural sector since they propose tractors from 72 to 530 hp with their range of NEXOS, ATOS, ELIOS, AXOS, ARION, AXION, XERION ; combine harvesters – LEXION, TUCANO, AVERO ; JAGUAR forage harvesters ; round balers ROLLANT and VARIANT or QUADRANT square balers ; forage harvesting equipment as mowers type DISCO or CORTO ; VOLTO tedders ; LINER swathers.

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    DESVOYS’s products are silage cutter buckets, toppers, blades, tippers, mowers, planes,… All equipment for the maintenance and the setting up of ground, roadway and parks.

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    DEWULF AND MIEDEMA are presents on the entire potato chain products. Together they strive to build machines of the highest quality, empowering potato growers to attain the best possible result :

    • Soil cultivation (cultivator, rotary cultivator, haulm toppers),
    • Planting (cup planter,belt planter),
    • Harvesting (Dewulf potato harvesters),
    • Grading (smart grader and grading systems) ,
    • Storage (tippers, hoppers, hopper combinations, grading systems, conveyor belts, store loaders, box fillers, box tipplers, seed potato cutter, shovel units)

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  • DIBO

    DIBO is the leader in high-pressure cleaners and pumps with hot or cold water for all sectors: industry, agricultural, construction, cleaning or for a hobby.


    HARDI-EVRARD is the worldwide leader for spraying thanks to a large choice of machines from 1,6 to 4500 liters capacity and from 6 to 38 meters width : a range of carried, trailed or self-propelled sprayers for the protection of your fields. The brand has also a range of smaller sprayers for parks, gardens and for all horticultural, wine-producing and arboriculture works.

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Showing 1 - 10 of 28 items

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