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Profile - History

          Welcome to KEYMOLEN AGRI

Core business

Our company is specialized into the sale, aftersale, repairing, renting of machines and spare parts for agricultural, industrial and construction machines.

Historical background

Victor Keymolen began his activities of sales and repairing of agricultural and garden equipment in 1965. Later, his 2 sons share then the activities: Joseph took the agricultural parts while Henri, the garden shop.  So since 1980, Joseph and his wife Lucienne begins together the sale and repair of agricultural machinery.

In 1991, the company goes further in its development and changes its statutes: it becomes the KEYMOLEN AGRI limited company. A new development for a company in full expansion!


After many reorganization, works, building and modernization, on 15th December 2000, the company settled in and celebrated its new installations: a shop, a new repair's area, more storage place, more access... And always the same goal : a better service to our customers ! One more turning point for the future of the company.

Since the end of 2004, Etienne and Sophie Keymolen, the children of Joseph and Lucienne, joined their parents with the ambition to continue the activity following their parents for many years more.

End of the year 2007, we open the doors of our new showroom, a building located just opposite of the existing installations offering continually the exhibition of many stock machines for the comfort of the customers.

Our team

The 4 administrators of the company are :

- Joseph Keymolen, managing director and sales manager (
- Lucienne Keymolen, accountancy & administrative manager (
- Sophie Keymolen, accountancy & marketing manager (
- Etienne Keymolen, manager of the workplace & for repairing (

Our team is also composed of 10 mechanics, 3 storekeepers, 1 secretary, 1 accountant and 2 salesmans.

To contact the accountancy :
To contact the shopekeepers :
To contact the salesmans : or  



Our guidelines are: « Quality and services »

We wish to offer you the best service, adapted to all seasons thanks to modern and updated equipment, a wide range of products and a large stock. We are listening to your needs and constantly aware of new technological developments always with the aim of helping you in a better way.

Our services

  • A fast service provided in the shortest time ;
  • A high-performance and high-quality service ;
  • A mechanical, hydraulic, electronic know-how thanks to continuing educations ;
  • A receptive and "family" team ;
  • More than 1200 m² of storage capacity and more than 35 000 spare parts ;
  • A repair place of 1800 m² and well equipped in tools and equipment ;
  • Vehicles for repairing outside ;
  • A department for hydraulic hoses ;
  • Easy offices ;
  • An available showroom for the pleasure of yours eyes with many machines in stock ;
  • Our shop, at the entrance, offer a large choice of current articles such as:

- Tools: spanners/wrenches, screwdrivers, socket compartments, bolting machines, 
   hammers, pins, saws,… Everything necessary for the maintenance of your machines.
- Fence’s accessories: handles, wire fence, covers, pickets, insulators, wire-strainer,
  hinges, electric fencer,…
- Forks, brushes, handles, drinking-trough, wheelbarrows, birds scaring, tractors’ seats,
  straps, grindstone discs, soldering sticks, jacks, radios, loudspeakers, shock absorbers,
- Hitching up parts: fastener bars, drifts/pins, third points, chains, pins, circlips,…
- Clothing: overalls, boots, safety shoes,…
- Lighting: plugs, headlights, revolving lights, bulbs, fuses, mirrors, connecting strips,  
  lighters, extensions, wire, sockets, switches,…
- Toys.
- For the repairing of your tires: tire tubes, rubber patches, valves,…
- For painting: sprays, colour pots,…
- Cleaning products: soap, freezing, brushes, hands cleaning articles,…

All Usual products and necessary parts that you daily need for your industrial and agricultural machines.






Keymolen Agri
Route de Bruxelles 47
1430 Rebecq
Tel.: +32 (0)67 63 64 07
Fax: +32 (0)67 67 04 95

VAT: BE 0444.109.748

Opening hours :
From Monday to Friday :
from 8 to 12 h and
from 13 to 18 h
Saturday :
from 8 to 12 h